Current Volume

Volume 12 – Issue 4 – Fall 2013


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A Tale of Two Taxes: A Comparative Examination of the Individual Income Tax in the United States and the People’s Republic of China

By: Steven J. Arsenault


Exiting the Euro

By: Frederick V. Perry & Wendy Geelman


Issuing New Shares and Preemptive Rights: A Comparative Analysis

By: Marco Ventoruzzo


Eminent Domain: The Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis or Overstepping Government Boundaries?

By: Anne T. T. Jensen



Volume 12 – Issue 3 – Summer 2013


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An Examination of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Issues

By: Mike Koehler


Navigating the FCPA’s Ambiguous “Instrumentality” Provision: Lessons for the Energy Industry

By: Clinton R. Long


Amending the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Should the Bribery Act 2010 be a Guideline? 

By: Michael Peterson



“ICE” Capades: RestitutionOrders and the FCPA

By: Shane Frick


Volume 12 – Issue 2 – Spring 2013


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International Convergence on the Need for Third Parties to Become Internet Copyright Police (But Why?)

By: Dennis S. Karjala


The Rule of Law, Constitutional Reform, and the Death Penalty in The Gambia

By: Andrew Novak


Legal Stability Contracts in Colombia: An Appropriate Incentive for Investments?

By: Alvaro Pereira


Deepening Confidence in the Application of CISG to the Sales Agreements Between the United States and Japanese Companies

By: Yoshimochi Taniguchi



Back to the Bad Old Days: President Putin’s Hold on Free Speech in the Russian Federation

By: Rebecca Favret


Volume 12 – Issue 1 – Winter 2012


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Is the Middle East Moving Toward Islamism After the Arab Spring? The Case Study of the Egyptian Commercial and Financial Laws

By: Radwa S. Elsaman and Ahmed Eldakak


IOSCO: The World Standard Setter for Globalized Financial Markets

By: Antonio Marcacci


Chinese Border Disputes Revisited: Toward a Better Interdisciplinary Synthesis

By: Roda Mushkat


Beyond Labor Rights: Which Core Human Rights Must Regional Trade Agreements Protect?

By: Stephen Joseph Powell and Trisha Low