The Workers in the Globalized Economy: The European Way to the Foundation and Enforcement of the Social Rights

By: Maurizio Del Conte   In recent years, a new term has spread like wildfire to become a catch-all word in a regions of the world-globalization. The word i ubiquitous, splashed in newspapers, dissected in essays and academic journals, bandied at symposiums, quizzed by the man in the street and shouted against by parching protesters. … [Read more…]

An Essential Element of Fair Trade and Sustainable Development in the FTAA is an Enforceable Social Clause

By: Terry Collingsworth   Multinational companies (“MNCs”) and governments that are fantasizing about a Free Trade Area of the Americas (“FTAA”) should accept the reality that the FTAA is not politically viable for the time being unless the issues of labor rights and other social conditions are addressed in a manner demonstrating that these rights … [Read more…]

The Economic Case for Labor Standards: A Layman’s Guide

By: Thomas I. Palley   The place of labor standards in the global economy has figured prominently in recent discussions of trade and globalization. Labor standards figured prominently in the Seattle meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1999, and they promise to figure prominently in discussions about a proposed Free Trade Area of … [Read more…]

The Geography of Injustice: Borders and the Continuing Immiseration of California Agricultural Labor in Era of “Free Trade”

By: Don M. Mitchell   Why is it that when the reigning ideology governing the expansion of “free trade” is anti-regulatory”, all agree that the movement of people, or rather laborers, must be carefully regulated? Indeed, why are borders strengthened for people just as states of the Western Hemisphere embark on a thorough reconfiguration, and … [Read more…]