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Volume 16 – Issue 2 – Annual Survey – Spring 2017

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A Game Theoretic Analysis of the Inter-America Convention Against Corruption

By: Juan O. Perla


“Pay to Prescribe”: A Case for Strengthened Enforced of the FCPA in the Global Pharmaceutical  Industry in 2017 and Beyond

By: John “Jack” T. Jessee Jr


Our Oceans Need Sharks: A Comparative Analysis of Shark AND Turtle Conservation Law in Australia and the United States

By: Gabrielle Stiff Heim


Volume 16 – Issue 1 – Fall 2016

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Why Multinational Companies Doing Business in China Fall into the trap of Making Payments  to China’s Police

By: Daniel C.K. Chow


Lobbying for Bribes? Transparency in Lobbying through Anti-Corruption Law

By: Eugene Efimov


A Red Card for FIFA: Corruption and Scandal in the World’s Foremost Sports Association

By: Chance Esposito


Volume 15 – Issue 1 – Summer 2016

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The Battle Against Geo-Blocking: The Consumer Strikes Back

By: Sabrina Earle


Chinese “Works Without Benefits”

By: Ronald Brown


Purpose and Power of the Group Tax Exemption in Health Care

By: Marie Yasko-Rosado


“During War, the Law is Silent” or is it?: Examining the Legal Status of Guantanomo Bay

By: Kate Frisch

Volume 14 – Issue 1 – Summer 2015

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An Experiment on the Role of Penalty Clauses and the Level of Legal Remedies for Breach of Contract on the Prevention of the Hold-Up Problem in Colombian Contract Law

By: Juan Antonio Gaviria


Of Trucks, Trains & Ships: Relative Liability in Multimodal Shipping

By: Amir H. Khoury


Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments – A Second Attempt in the Hague?

By: Justyna Regan


Corporate Governance in Search of the Shareholder-Manager Balance of Power

By: Razeen Sappideen

Volume 13 – Issue 4 – Winter 2015

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Mastering a Two-Edged Sword: Lessons from the Rules and Litigation on Safeguards in the World Trade Organization

By: Julien Chaisse, Debashis Chakrabarty & Animesh Kumar


Chinese Foreign Direct Investment into Africa in the Context of BRICS and Sino-African Bilateral Investment Treaties

By: Catherine Elkemann & Oliver C. Ruppel


The Extraterritorial Reach of United States Securities Actions after Morrison v. National Australian Bank

By: Nathan Lee


The Surprising Acquittals in the Gotovina and Perišić Cases: Is the ICTY Appeals Chamber a Trial Chamber in Sheep’s Clothing?

By: Mark A. Summers


Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen:
 Battling Corporate Corruption
 in Brazil and the Problems with a Decentralized Enforcement

By: Michelle A. Winters

Volume 13 – Issue 3 – Fall 2014

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The Penumbra of the United States’
 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Brazil’s Clean Companies Act and
Implications for the Pharmaceutical

By: Beverley Earle & Anita Cava


Universal Anti-Bribery Legislation 
Can Save International Business: A Comparison of the FCPA and the UKBA in an Attempt to Create 
Universal Legislation to Combat
 Bribery around the Globe

By: Lindsey Hills


Will What Happened in Ecuador 
Stay in Ecuador? How the Existing
 International Due Process
 Analysis May Be Ineffective in 
Keeping Fraudulent Foreign 
Judgments Out of U.S. Courts

By: Christopher Lento


A New Affirmative Defense to the FCPA for Countries Exiting Major Internal Strife

By: Chris Rohde

Volume 13 – Issue 2 – Spring 2014

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Transplanting and Customizing
 Legal Systems: Lessons from
 Namibian Legal History

By: Dr. Martin Cai Lockert


Endangered Element of ICSID Arbitral Practice: Investment Treaty Arbitration, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Promise of Economic Development in Host States

By: Felix O. Okpe


Assessing Effectiveness of International Private Regulation in the CSR Arena

By: Martijn Scheltema


The Surprising Acquittals in the Gotovina and Perišić Cases: Is the ICTY Appeals Chamber a Trial Chamber in Sheep’s Clothing?

By: Mark A. Summers


Private Enforcement of TRIPS by Applying the EU Law Principles of Direct Effect and State Liability

By: Saud Aldawsari