Volume 6 Issue 1

Volume 6 – Issue 1 – Summer 2006


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Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and Then…: An Evaluation of the Correlation Between Policy Areas, Signing, and Legal Ratification of Organization of American States’ Treaties by Member States
By: Alexandra R. Harrington

The WTO Internet Gambling Dispute as a Case of First Impression: How to Interpret Exceptions Under GATS Article XIV(a) and How to Set the Trend for Implementation and Compliance in WTO Cases Involving “Public Morals” and “Public Order” Concerns?
By: Albena P. Petrova

Parallel Trade, Unparallel Laws: An Examination of the Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade Laws of the United States, the European Union and the World Trade Organization
By: Julia C. Moore

Assuring the Flow: Maritime Security Challenges and Trade Between the U.S. and China
By: Joshua A. Lindenbaum