Volume 7 Issue 1

Volume 7 – Issue 1 – Winter 2008


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Can Successful Lawyers Think in Different Languages?: Incorporating Critical Strategies that Support Learning Lawyering Skills for the Practice of Law in a Global Environment

By: Katerina P. Lewinbuk

Reconsidering the D.C. Circuit’s Proximate Cause Standard for Extraterrotorial Jurisdiction: Precluding the “Globalization” Theory to Promote Global Enforcement

By: Michelle A. Wyant

The New Chinese Dynasty: How the United States and International Intellectual Property Laws are Failing to Protect Consumers and Investors from Counterfeiting

By: Anna-Liisa Jacobson

Undocumented Workers in the United States: Legal, Political, and Social Effects

By: Rachel Feltman

Universal Corporation Business Overview: Presentation to the University of Richmond and Questions with Preston Wigner, General Counsel

By: Christopher L. Rathlev