Volume 7 Issue 2

Volume 7 – Issue 2 – Spring 2008


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Through the Looking Hole of the Multi-Sensory Trademark Rainbow: Trademark Protection of Color Per Se Across Jurisdictions: The United States, Spain, and the European Union

By: Glenda Labadie-Jackson

Un Arco Iris de Lentes con los que Mirar: La Protección del Color Único Como Marca en Los Estados Unidos, en España, y en la Unión Europea

By: Glenda Labadie-Jackson

Conflicting Positions but Common Interests: An Analysis of the United States Antidumping Policy Toward China

By: Qinglan Long

Studying China’s International Finance and Policy: A Speech Given at the University of Richmond School of Law

By: William B. Brown

To Capitalize on a Burgeoning Market? Issues to Consider Before Doing Business in the Middle East

By: Lisa Middlekauff

Outsourcing of Legal Services: A Brief Survey of the Practice and the Minimal Impact of Protectionist Legislation

By: Lee A. Patterson, III